Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Xd)    -    Promotional Products
Logo/Branding Design    -    HTML/CSS    -    JavaScript    -    UX/UI Development/Prototyping 

Art has always been a passion of mine, so Graphic Design seemed like a natural and inevitable career choice. For the past 16 years (including 4 years spent enlisted in the U.S. Air Force) I've enjoyed titles like Graphic Designer, Visual Artist, and Visual Information Specialist.
I spend most of my days in little coffee shops around town to take in the sights, sounds and aroma for inspiration and even encouragement from the baristas who seem intrigued by the work I do. Though I'm sure most of the interest they showed was really geared towards encouraging me to order more drinks to make up for draining their wi-fi. Either way... it helped. The days that I am too eager to work on a project to get dressed and drive to one of my "offices", I'll plop down on the couch with music filling the room soon happily lost in the world of pixels, Bézier Curves and PMS swatches.
The life of a freelancer has been awesome. But I also love people and working with a team. My most creative moments often happen due to human interaction and the creativity sparked during a fierce brainstorming session.​​​​​​
Get in touch and let's talk creativity, superheroes, or anything else.
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